Program Fees and Funding Options:

At  Davidson OSRP, we are committed to providing high-quality mental health programs and services to support your well-being. We understand that financial considerations play a crucial role in accessing the care you need. Here, we provide an overview of our program fees and the various funding options available to help make our services more accessible.

Program Fees:

As a privately funded clinic, our programs have associated fees. The specific fees depend on the duration, intensity, and type of program you choose. We strive to offer competitive and transparent pricing, reflective of the expertise and comprehensive care we provide.

Please note that accommodation, travel, and restaurant costs are not included in program fees, and VAC clients, may seek reimbursement through the HRT form.

Funding Options:

We recognize the importance of offering diverse funding options to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to receive the support they need. Here are some funding options you may explore:

1. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC):

   We proudly support veterans and accept Veterans Affairs Identification Cards. If you are a veteran seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or related mental health conditions, your coverage through VAC may contribute to the cost of our programs. We encourage you to contact your VAC case manager or representative to inquire about funding availability and eligibility.

2. Insurance Coverage:

   If you have experienced work-related trauma or stress and have an open claim with the Workers’ Compensation Board, you may be eligible for coverage of our programs. We advise reaching out to your WCB representative to discuss potential funding options and requirements.

3. Workers' Compensation Board (WCB):

   If you have experienced work-related trauma or stress and have an open claim with the Workers’ Compensation Board, you may be eligible for coverage of our programs. We advise reaching out to your WCB representative to discuss potential funding options and requirements

4. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs):

   If your employer provides an Employee Assistance Program, you may have access to mental health benefits that can cover the cost of our programs. We recommend contacting your human resources department or EAP administrator to inquire about the specific mental health services covered and any associated reimbursement procedures.

5. Self-Payment:

We also offer self-payment options, allowing individuals to privately fund their participation in our programs. Our pricing structure is designed to provide fair value for the expertise, comprehensive care, and positive outcomes our programs offer.

We understand that navigating funding options can be complex. Our dedicated team is available to provide guidance, answer your questions, and assist you in exploring the funding avenues that best suit your situation.

Please note that the availability and extent of funding through these options may vary depending on individual circumstances, insurance policies, and program eligibility criteria. We encourage you to contact our team directly to discuss your specific situation and receive personalized assistance.

We believe that financial considerations should not be a barrier to accessing the support you deserve. We are committed to working with you to explore funding options and find the best solution to make our programs accessible to you.

Contact us to learn more about our program fees, funding options, and how we can support you on your journey to improved mental health and well-being.

Supporting First Responders: Sponsorship Opportunities

We recognize the incredible sacrifices and challenges faced by our brave first responders in their line of duty. We are committed to providing effective trauma treatment and support to help them heal and thrive. Through our sponsorship opportunities, businesses and organizations have the chance to make a meaningful impact while gaining exposure and reaping valuable business benefits.

Sponsorship Benefits:

1. Exposure and Recognition: As a sponsor, your generosity will be recognized and appreciated by the first responder community and beyond. We offer various visibility options, such as featuring your logo on our website, social media mentions, and acknowledgment in promotional materials. This exposure demonstrates your commitment to supporting our local heroes and can enhance your brand’s reputation.

2. Community Engagement: Sponsoring first responders in our trauma program showcases your organization’s dedication to the well-being of our community. It provides a tangible demonstration of corporate social responsibility, fostering goodwill among community members and potential customers who value businesses that prioritize social impact.

3. Employee Engagement and Morale: Supporting first responders resonates with employees who deeply appreciate and respect their contributions. By sponsoring our trauma program, you inspire a sense of pride and loyalty among your team, fostering a positive work environment and employee engagement.

4. Networking Opportunities: Sponsoring our trauma program allows you to connect with like-minded businesses, organizations, and community leaders who share your commitment to supporting first responders. Networking with these stakeholders can lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and increased visibility within your industry.

5. Marketing Benefits: Sponsorship provides a platform to showcase your products, services, or expertise to our target audience. We can work together to develop tailored marketing initiatives, such as sponsored events, speaking opportunities, or informative content sharing. This exposure helps raise awareness of your business and generates potential leads and customer engagement.

Making a Difference:

By sponsoring first responders to attend our trauma program, you directly contribute to their healing and well-being. You help them overcome the impact of traumatic experiences, regain control of their lives, and find renewed purpose. Your support demonstrates your appreciation for their service and provides essential resources for their recovery.

Join us in supporting those who selflessly serve and protect our communities. By sponsoring first responders in our trauma program, you not only make a significant social impact but also gain exposure, networking opportunities, and enhanced brand reputation.

Contact us today to discuss sponsorship options and customize a partnership that aligns with your goals and benefits both your business and the brave first responders we serve.

Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of our local heroes.

Accessible OSI Treatment for First Responders: Financial Support Options Available

We are dedicated to ensuring that no first responder is denied the care they need due to financial limitations. If you are unable to access other funding options and can demonstrate financial need, we may be able to offer partial bursary options and sliding scale financing to help make our treatment programs more accessible.

Financial Support Options:

1. Partial Bursary Options: We have limited funds available for partial bursaries to assist first responders who demonstrate financial need. These bursaries can help offset the costs of our OSI treatment programs. Contact us to discuss your situation and explore the possibility of receiving financial assistance.

2. Sliding Scale Financing: We understand that each individual’s financial situation is unique. Our sliding scale financing option allows us to tailor a payment plan that aligns with your specific circumstances. This flexible approach ensures that you can receive the necessary treatment while accommodating your financial capacity.