Specialized OSI Recovery Program for Women Veterans and First Responders

Understanding the importance of creating a trauma-informed safe environment, we offer a small-group setting exclusively for women. This gender-specific approach allows for a deeper level of comfort and understanding among participants who have likely shared similar experiences. The opportunity to connect, learn, and be truly understood by others who have walked a similar path can be a powerful catalyst for healing. This connection not only fosters recovery but also combats the social isolation commonly experienced by women facing stress injuries such as depression or PTSD, as well as MST. The support networks formed during the program have the potential to endure long after its completion, serving as ongoing sources of support, encouragement, and empowerment.

Our Women’s Program is meticulously planned and conducted by Dr. Tina Rochford, HeartMath Trainers, and a team of female Masters and Doctoral level therapists. Driven by the vision of providing exceptional care, we have incorporated the expertise of Dirk Terpstra, an internationally recognized speaker and senior HeartMath Trainer. Dirk, along with a female HeartMath trainer, has been an integral part of our Women’s Programs, ensuring a compassionate and inclusive environment. 

At our program, we are committed to offering tailored support that recognizes the distinct needs and experiences of women. Our specialized Women’s Program provides a space where women can heal, grow, and reclaim their lives. Join us on this transformative journey, and let us empower you to find strength, resilience, and renewed hope.

Key points:

1. Women Only Participants: Our program is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of women first responders and veterans. We recognize the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment that addresses the specific challenges and experiences that women may face in these roles. 

2. Military Sexual Trauma-Informed Care: We incorporate military sexual trauma (MST)-informed care into our program. Research shows that the overall prevalence of MST was 44.6% in females in the Canadian military, emphasizing the significance of providing specialized care to address the impact of such experiences.

3. Experienced and Highly Qualified Team: Our core team has remained unchanged since our inception, and our clients consistently report profound treatment experiences with our team members. We handpick the best, most experienced, and highly trained clinicians who are sought-after in their field and internationally recognized speakers. Their dedication stems from the profound impact they can make when working with clients on a daily basis.

4. Designed by Veterans and First Responders: Our program is designed by veterans and first responders who possess deep insights into the occupational stressor-related disorders and trauma that individuals in these roles may face. We consult with veterans and first responders on a daily basis to ensure that our program remains relevant and effective, and utilize peer supports (program graduates) for each program to provide a veteran touchpoint and mentorship.